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Vashler Swift - Day 1: Driver's Side Wheels.

Inspiration & Preparation

This first project was inspired by Mighty Car Mods - fixing up the wheels so they don't look utter shit (mostly previous owner, little bit me).

It was clear we were a few tools and supplies short, as these weren't simply lying around our garage. But that's okay, we set off down to the local Super Cheap Auto and got ourselves what we needed.

Parts & Supplies

  • (2) Aero Export Paint 250g Gloss Black - $5
  • (2) Aero Export Paint 250g White Primer - $5
  • (2) Tyre Shine Aero Export 400g Wet Look - $5
  • (2) Degreaser Aero Export - $5.30
  • (1) Car Filler 500g Septone - $17.99
  • (2) Wet & Dry 400GR - $2.58
  • (2) Wet & Dry 240GR - $5.58

Additional Purchases:

  • Jack Trolley 1,400kg SCA - $59.99
  • Car Stand Pair 1,350kg Kincrome - $61.97

Total: $181.28

Before Photos


Due to the time two wheels took, we decided to only do the two today. We'll pick up again next weekend and do the other two. But here's how we went.

Front Right Wheel

There wasn't much to do on this one. We started with one of the easier wheels - although I think it came up the best by far. Looks like new!

I didn't document our process much on this first wheel, we were still figuring everything out and generally stumbling along. We put some Degreaser on it, let that settle for a couple of minutes and washed it off. We then sandpapered back the crap off the Rim and did our best to shine up the chrome outer ring. From there we carefully tapped up the Chrome and Wheel and primed & painted the spokes. Here's how it turned out!

Rear Right Wheel

This one was bad. Really bad. Probably the worst of the 4. Most of the damage was around the chrome rim, so there wasn't much we could do with that. We made the decision to pain all of this black in an attempt to make it look reasonable, as the chrome was pretty much fucked.

In order to tidy up the chrome rim we used a diamond-tipped bit - which quickly snapped under the pressure. RIP :(

With that gone, there really only one thing left we could use... Old Trusty.

After we had cleaned up the rim we took to the gashes with the car filler. This wasn't too bad, although we ended up using and mixing far too much. It was a lot of bloody work sanding this all back. Here's how it looked after we finished with the rim and the car filler.

Afterwards we followed the same procedure as before - degreaser, primer, and paint. Some of our car filler can be made out at certain angles but overall it's a massive improvement. We're not 100% happy with this one though, so after we do the other two next week we might take this one off and tidy it up a bit more. We're confident we can get it a bit better than this. Oh yea, and we painted the chrome rim on this too, because as I said before - the chrome was fucked. We got some overspray on the tire with this one too - so we'll need to fix that up later.

End Result & Side by Side comparison.

After we made sure they're dry and shining up the little plasticy cap thingo we put them back on the car. Took it down to the corner and sprayed some tire shine on there too. Here's the end result with the before picture again for comparison.

All in all it was a pretty good day. More work and money than I expected but it was fun. We're thinking about respraying the entire car, part by part. But that might be more suited to a proper paint kit and not $2.50 cans of crap from Super Cheap. My little helper enjoyed himself too.

There are 7 replies. write your own.

Can't seem to see the photos @Vash :( Nice work, they definitely look like an upgrade!

Edited: Sunday, 13th August 2017 at 5:13pm

preliking but yeah no pictures mate

Love it! Looks tops mate!

Good on ya.

Edited: Sunday, 13th August 2017 at 5:26pm

Fixed the pictures. Sorry!

shakes fist at OneDrive

Edited: Sunday, 13th August 2017 at 5:04pm

Nicely done!

The rims on my Liberty have gutter rash from the previous owner but they're not painted rims. I would probably have to sand blast them to paint them. You've inspired me to research my options at least.

I did a proper cut and polish on parts of it when I got it to get rid of some marks on the bumper and such. After three years parking at the bus stop it's time for another. That might be a good starting point for your body rather than a respray. It's amazing what a difference it makes.

Agreed - I did cut and polish it about a month ago and it made a hell of a difference. But it's starting to fade, and even though it's white you can see it.

Yeah to keep the results you need to do a good polish every month or so. Keeping a really tidy car is a lot of work haha.

make it look tought and get rid of your centre caps.

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