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Say thanks, buy blaknite a beer!

This is a photo of me, blaknite, enjoying a beer. All beer will be enjoyed as much as this one.

As you all know, coding and operating The LANBox takes up quite a bit of my time. While I enjoy this immensely, I often fore-go some luxuries to cover the hosting costs and keep everything online - sometimes that means no beer!

If you'd like to say thanks and show your appreciation feel free to post a thank you message. If you're feeling particularly generous you can click the link below to chip-in and shout me a beer via PayPal.

All beer money comes with a 100% blaknite beer-enjoyment guarantee. Thanks folks!

Buy blaknite a beer!

I've also got a Patreon page up and running if you would like to contribute on a recurring basis. By becomming a patron you can contribute to various goals from paying the hosting costs to funding regular content in the form of scheduled server events and stories. The money you pledge helps me lock in the time needed to stick to a regular schedule.

If you pledge $5 or more you'll get the opportunity to help prepare for server events. Each invite will have a limited number of places and will operate on a first in first served basis.

Without you, the fans, none of this would exist. It's because you keep coming back and giving me a reason to work on the site and community that we're still around almost a decade late. Thank you all for your continued patronage.

Become a Patron of The LANBox!

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There are 22 replies. write your own.

You took that picture just for this thread didn't you

Of course I did!

Liking the beard man.

I shall buy you a nice kiwi ale :)

you have your beer sir.

Thanks mate!

Next one needs to be the "Get blak stupidly drunk fund"

Such a well groomed man deserves a beer. Have one on me.

Yay for grooming! Thanks for the beer :)

Thanks for the beer @Furcas!

Now for the obligatory, what beer is in the picture?

Mountain Goat Steam Ale of course!

Mmmmm thought so. Delicious.

I am sorry but that beard is just majestic as shit @blaknite. Wouldnottrim/10

It's only a model.

Thanks for the beer @Twistiez!

Im underage can i get you a coke?

If you're underage, surely you can't get him coke either! Geez.

Im underage can i get you a coke?

@Walshy, Coke, coffee or any other tasty beverage is welcome!

Click it, it's animated.

Enjoy your beverage!

Thanks mate!

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