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Prove your mettle in our Unreal Tournament Championship

Given the success of the Assetto Corsa championship, we're going to add something to complement it. So what's the opposite of serious and deliberate sim-racing? The complete and utter mayhem of an arena shooter of course! Over the next few months we'll be holding nights of Unreal Tournament deathmatch in which you can earn points to go towards winning one of four prizes.

The version of UT we'll be playing is the original 1999 classic. If you don't have a copy of Unreal Tournament you can grab one from Steam or for around $14 Australian.

Each night we'll play two hours of UT with each round earning you points towards your championship tally. Rounds will be hardcore with a 30-frag limit. We'll play as many rounds as we can until the two hours is up. Championship points will be awarded as per the table below.

The championship will run until the end of October after which I will award the prizes. First place will win $20 towards a Steam purchase, second and third will get $10 each. To add some extra spice I'll be adding a "most reliable" prize to the pool of $10. This prize will go to someone who showed up to the most events but didn't place in the top three. The $5 steam raffle each night will also continue to be a thing.

If you'd like to see the prizes for this championship be price competitive with the Assetto Corsa championship you can chip in a few bucks via PayPal or Patreon.

The first event will be this Friday the 14th of July at 8PM Adelaide time (UTC +9:30). I'll announce future championship nights in advance which may or may not fall on Fridays.

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