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Community Server Details

The following is a list of servers operated by members of the community for The LANBox. This list changes often and reflects the games we're currently playing.

Rather than relying solely on busy @blaknite to keep the servers running we encourage members to own and operate servers for the community to enjoy. If you have a server that you'd like to run for The LANBox please have a chat with @blaknite @KustoM, or @crazymuffins to get it approved and listed here.

To keep up to date with the latest about our community operated servers you can monitor the Community Events & Servers feed.

Space Engineers

Everyone, meet space. Space, meet oxygen needed squidgys

Space Engineers server is alive and kicking, filter Join Game servers by "Spacebox".
Inventory 10, Grinder 3, Welder 3, Hack 0.5. Realistic Sound is ON. Light modding for letters and a few weapons etc. Mods auto download on server join (Roughly 350mb worth).

Infinite world gen with StarSystem scenario planets initially. If required we can edit in additional planets.

PvP is ALLOWED, however no dickery else face the hammer.

Host: @crazymuffins

Minecraft - LANBoxia RP and Long-term Build


There's a lot of information to be found regarding this server in the Minecraft Category. For the TL;DR you can check out the rules. To get whitlisted just add your Minecraft username to your account.

Host: @blaknite
Mods: LANBoxia mod install instructions

Minecraft - FTB Beyond

Server running the FTB Beyond modpack found at
It is the latest kitchen sink modpack with a few nifty aesthetic mods. Will be running as long as people are interested in it. Whitelist is handled by messaging Furcas, or an active Admin on the server.

Host: @Furcas

Garry's Mod - Sandbox

We're back in the land of Garry's Mod with one of the things we do best - building awesome contraptions!

Host: @blaknite and @KustoM
Mods: You'll need to subscribe to our workshop collection and install ACF.

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