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Pretty fucking neat.
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At first I was like "but can't we already transmit data as light?". I now see that this is less about transmission and more about reading the data stream itself without 'disruption'. I might be barking up the wrong tree here but I could see one application being routing network packets. Rather than taking the optical signal, converting to electrical, reading the routing data, and then converting back to optical this would allow direct reads on the optical data. Pretty damn neat stuff.
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@boboon @therokh do either of you know much about the applications of this tech?
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I haven't read the raw paper. But speed is not really an issue at that scale. Just to reference the timescale to existing tech, 1ns = 1 clock @ 1Ghz, especially in a fully optical CPU. Using this tech in a processor would be equivilent of using an 100Mhz processor. But I can't really see a purpose for it other than RAM, where it is significantly faster than existing techniques.
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That's a pretty neat concept indeed! I've got a bit of a picture in my head how this would fit into a system now. Thanks!
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Now all I can think of is making some dope ass effects pedals with it.
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