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A wild LANBox opinion thread appears:

Trying to get my opinion across be like:

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If you see a job advertisement for a Junior Web Developer that sounds quite nice, but then see that company with a god awful website, do you still apply?
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If you like the job they are offering for... yes ;)
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True, but if your's isn't great how do you sell a customer one?
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customers have CRM's, that can have a generic theme, that can be outsourced/
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Oh you're right there. There's no CRM that looks pretty.
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Eh nvm "industry experience" is mandatory but "qualifications" are preferred.
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What if the job advertisement is to be an "in-house" web developer?
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(the experience is with Adobe Suite and Wordpress/Jamoola) (edited)
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If the position asks for a Junior Web Developer and says "experience" I'd wager they're making sure the applicants at least know what the hell those things are and have used them a few times. It's separating the wheat and chaff. Don't let that hold you back, just work out how to play your advantages to their requirements.

Regarding shit websites for web devs. I worked for a business that had a shit website for years. Having a shiny site is great for first impressions, you still have to make the sale on knowing your stuff. Depending on how they source their business the knowing their stuff might even be the first impression.
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I feel its much like the mechanic's syndrome. They have shit cars because the last thing they want to do is work on their own car for free.
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That could be one part but for me it seemed more like you completely forget it's there until one day you go "oh this looks ancient :/"
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Well, there's that too... Why can't web design and programming be fun? It used to be... not so much now :'(
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I dunno, I have a pretty good time.
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Programming is heaps fun! You've just gotta find the sort that interests you
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Maybe I have been doing it too long... can't I just get paid to nap? :P
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That'd be nice xD
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