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A wild LANBox opinion thread appears:

Trying to get my opinion across be like:

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Trying out the update for vaulting on the PTS. Merchandise can be found here! â–º You can connect with me here: (I only use Twit...

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wheres the optimisation?
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My money is that vaulting will be used to glitch through walls, and it will be impossible to fix.
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the thing is I want to like this game, it just runs like arse, Arma runs better than it and it fucken runs worst then a wheelchair bound Olympian. Mysterious Contestant has some how managed to make a stand alone game run worst than the mod for Arma.
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Whats even worse, is its been nominated for goty, but not Divinity, Nier, or Wolfenstein, better games that are optimised and not early access
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Optimisation has been gradually done every patch. It runs fairly well currently though with server side sync issues at times. I'm super salty with the game, feel it's being rushed to 1.0 even though they'll keep working at it and strongly dislike some of their methods like ingame advertising for events. That said, it runs much better now than it used to and some options like grass detail have a set minimum to help reduce balance issues for low settings on low and high end PCs.
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Vaulting is buggy, they don't test shit any where near long enough, at all. Ever. But it looks fluid, fun and adds to the game.
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@Walshy actually this update did a lot for optimisation - which you'd know if you actually watched the video.
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I see a video, of a guy playing PUBG? after some quick searching i found the patchnotes three things where done for optimisation, nothing addressing the fact that 4/10 games i play i get buildings not loading in or just fact that the game hogs RAM usage and still runs like shit, or the fact that each time you play everything has to be loaded in again from scratch.
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Eh devs are lazy with patchnotes now-days. The average person gained approx 15-20fps this patch.
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Man, that's a whole lot of anecdotal.
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Building render is a very uncommon issue overall now, though a few still see it from time to time in rare cases. As usual in these cases, BH are dog shit bad.
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