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Avid gamer, primarily focussed towards realism and first-person shooters, can often be found playing anything from modern day to far future settings and also the occasional historical piece or fantasy oriented game.

Out from behind the shit-talking and the glare of a computer screen I work in retail at an arts and crafts store, enjoy scale modelling, role-play games, photography, interior design and architecture, as well as the occasional foray into being a decent human being.

I can easily be contacted on Steam, which I encourage you to do so.

Thought for the day: Observe everything, admire nothing.

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Steel Division: Normandy 44 - In Engine Trailer - YouTube

Developed by the veteran game creators at Eugen Systems, Steel Division: Normandy 44 is an upcoming tactical real-time strategy game for Windows PCs that put...

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This game is looking sick as. Do want. Does it have a release date?
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It's listed as 'coming soon' on Steam, but some places are saying this year.
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Easier to just follow it on Steam.
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Yeah the trailer said this year as well. I'd say that it being on steam is a good indicator that it's not ages away.
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Better than having games announced several years in advance.
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desperate glance at Mount and Blade 2
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Oh right, that makes things bigger...
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I'm thinking the setting of this game is enough in my wheelhouse that I'll spend the time to learn all of the unit variations. I just didn't really get that spark with wargame and thus didn't learn the units well enough to be competitively good. Maybe I should.
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You should, Wargame is good fun.
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@blaknite if it's anything like wargame (which it will be) - the strength and weaknesses (meta) will change with every balance patch (Wargame:RD still gets them now I think, atleast it was until recently). I will be buying it because wargame has been my favourite RTS games, and this looks a lot like that in WWII. I do hope another modernish wargame comes out sometime (Ideally with all the old stuff bundled in... Also needs mod/steam workshop/map editing support :)
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