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Avid gamer, primarily focussed towards realism and first-person shooters, can often be found playing anything from modern day to far future settings and also the occasional historical piece or fantasy oriented game.

Out from behind the shit-talking and the glare of a computer screen I work in retail at an arts and crafts store, enjoy scale modelling, role-play games, photography, interior design and architecture, as well as the occasional foray into being a decent human being.

I can easily be contacted on Steam, which I encourage you to do so.

Thought for the day: Observe everything, admire nothing.

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Zero self control.
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Self control is overrated.
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Just found out my glue is completely clogged up after months of not being used.
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that's what she said?
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also :(
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I want to make a joke but this is supposed to be a family friendly site.
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Still waiting for the finished C-17 you pleb.
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This is me trying to get back into things.
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I bought it for you like 2 years ago kid.
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I've been unable to sit down and do any of the models that I keep buying, so yeah.
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