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Im Mummeboy, i can't do any spicel or if i can, it havent showt yet. I'm a humen. I don't have any were to live.. my house burnd down.. and my perents didn't make it... i happend when i was 3. But now i live in the forest and i like it. i'm almost happy all the time or yeah i am when i'm with friends ^.^ Thats me ^.^ I sit in the dark corner all day long. SASUKE-CHAN IS MY WAIFU!!! SUPER KAWAII DESU!!!
Just writing my life's song
Why am i always so confused?
Why does everything wrong happen to me?
My life is nothing put pain
I cant handle any more misery
People ask me why im always depressed
People think im messed
Some even say Im werid
But I dont care what people think
They dont know what Im going through
My life is nothing except difficult do you know?
I cut myself free the pain
And alittle happiness is what i gain
No one knows me
But i am an EMO! !

My rates (per page)<3:

$10 - Vanilla fanfic
$20 - Softcore Erotica
$25 - R34
$40 - Hardcore Stuff
$80 - Battlefield 1 Fanfic
$120 - Preorder fanfic

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DMCA Abuse over Pewdiepie N-word - What? - YouTube

** THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE ** I DO BLEEP OUT THE N-WORD BUT NOT OTHERS ** So Pewdiepie said the N-word on PUBG stream.... and the Firewatch dev d...

9 replies ( 7 hidden )
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Good discussion on it:
FireWatch's DMCA Against PewDiePie - Discussion with Leonard French - YouTube

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I caught vague word of this on the twitters the other day. Can you give someone who can't watch video right now a TL;DR? I'm presuming he said "nigger" and now someone has knee-jerked a DCMA to take down the video he said it in?
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Pewdiepie got frustrated in a PUBG stream and called someone a nigger, it was used as an insult, a lot of people get angry and there starts to be some heated debate on the issue. Out of nowhere the cofounder of the Firewatch dev studio says "We're filing a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie's Firewatch content and any future Campo Santo games." which kinda just doesn't make sense.
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In the videos, Leonard is arguing that because their streaming/letsplay policy had previously allowed him to post that content, there is no legal grounds for this takedown.
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Some other sources are saying that he might be within his rights to take back their policy. Either way, this is concerning as if this goes to court, it sets a precedent, with corporate interests or the use of racist language being normalized, depending on how things go. Pewdiepie should know better than this.
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Oh yeah it's pretty indefensible. I bet that he'll probably not bother fighting it anyway, Firewatch is a year old now and I can't imagine he's making a tonne off his videos on it. The whole thing just feels weird to me since it's a small dev talking about his old game that doesn't really have anything to do with the issue.
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For me this is a really grey area. On one hand I see that sure, PewDiePie should not have said what he did but he's not (as far as I know) an official representative, just an influencer. He's free to say what he wants and accept the fallout. On the other hand it's just as much within a businesses rights to revoke any association they have with his actions.

The problem comes down to the avenues available and the one used. The good faith use of DMCA is not for censorship, it is for removing breaches of copyright. If anything I hope this results in DMCA itself getting a cleanup because using it in this way undermines its purpose.
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The shitty thing is that games are considered audiovisual work, so broadcasting content on youtube is considered a performance, much like a movie or a song. This is how Nintendo can get away with their revenue sharing scheme. If it's considered legal for them to revoke permission, they could be in their right to DMCA his Firewatch content. Remember, Let's Plays haven't been tried under Fair Use yet.
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Motherboard with the goods as usual
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