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Im Mummeboy, i can't do any spicel or if i can, it havent showt yet. I'm a humen. I don't have any were to live.. my house burnd down.. and my perents didn't make it... i happend when i was 3. But now i live in the forest and i like it. i'm almost happy all the time or yeah i am when i'm with friends ^.^ Thats me ^.^ I sit in the dark corner all day long. SASUKE-CHAN IS MY WAIFU!!! SUPER KAWAII DESU!!!
Just writing my life's song
Why am i always so confused?
Why does everything wrong happen to me?
My life is nothing put pain
I cant handle any more misery
People ask me why im always depressed
People think im messed
Some even say Im werid
But I dont care what people think
They dont know what Im going through
My life is nothing except difficult do you know?
I cut myself free the pain
And alittle happiness is what i gain
No one knows me
But i am an EMO! !

My rates (per page)<3:

$10 - Vanilla fanfic
$20 - Softcore Erotica
$25 - R34
$40 - Hardcore Stuff
$80 - Battlefield 1 Fanfic
$120 - Preorder fanfic

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Dominoes pizza unofficial data breach
16 replies ( 14 hidden )
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This would explain those random emails I've received...
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Oh fuck sake
Small 8c379a240bbfc54b052a0e9fa7df6a32
I mostly used my ex-wifes email address...
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Could you imagin having that for a last name? Bkggrokd
Small 35cd1b1ccaf6bbec439f8400db1c9466
Yeah got one aswell from "Sarah"
Small 8c379a240bbfc54b052a0e9fa7df6a32
sounds like it might be a viking last name... she is probably hot - haha
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
Or missing a ton of teeth and has a cooch with the consistency of cured leather.
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
But hey, your guess is probably better :p
Small 144a7f2c5e77b1ac5d576edbcb217bfe
Sounds like an Uruk from shadow of war. Bkggrokd the Catfish
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
Bjggrokd Leathersnatch
Small 74a9ef45203c747f131ab6b47cc9aa52
Looks like i am getting the messages as well now.
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Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
Ms Bjggrokd and Ms Ndfzrg need to rethink their working life.
Small 74a9ef45203c747f131ab6b47cc9aa52
I love how the name on the Email is John Gentry but the email adress has Jessica Ndgzrg in it.
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Yeah i got one of those, was like, Errrugh?
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