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With the end near, I'll be setting up a discord server for us all to keep in touch and continue the tradition of shitposting and playing games together. Once made i'll link it in the comments, But could I get a heads up of if you guys would actually join?
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The LB Discord will be staying there mate so we've got that base covered
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Yeah but i mean one where we can post articles and shit, pretty much what we do on here
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That's the unfortunate side-effect of closing. It's hard now but in time we'll all naturally find the best place to move on to that fills some, or part, of the void.
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Nooooo I dont want it to end :'(
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Not to sound like a huge shill, but just hop on to the TFD team-speak its basically what we do here, expect audio shitposting of the lowest quality. (edited)
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Yeah but Teamspeak doesnt have text, and i was thinking something where we could shitpost and share articles and thing
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You're just going to have to come to terms with the fact this place is closing.
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Or i could not come to terms, attempt something and give up once it fails
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It does, I've spent many a "study" break in TS textaul shit posting, don't even need to play Arma 3 just don't be a shitter and you'll fit right in.
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Dont be a shitter? crap looks like i'm out xD
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Heres the server i made. Feel free to join
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