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Not as big of a weeb as Walshy

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Tonight i'd like to propose an odd thing. Saturday night games! The plan is just to play a couple of silly small games.
So far we're planning to play The Jackbox pack (you dont even need to buy a copy!), and suggestions are always welcome.
Walshy would like to play Siege, so anyone that is in for that, go message him
would anyone be interested? (edited)
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Waifu Top Trumps
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I'm in for Siege. Granted, it's like the only game I play now. (edited)
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I'm down for a bit of both. Jackbox was rediculously good last night.
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rekt you all in waifu top trumps
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Can someone please find waifu top trumps
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Alright, anyone have a particular order theyd prefer? Seige first or last?
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Siege Last. I'm currently at Church.
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Get off your phone and pray
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Alright, @Flat_Out When should we start? 8 PM AEST?
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Yeah righto, 8pm Sydney time works
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