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Not as big of a weeb as Walshy

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@blaknite Nice! Now walshy has no excuse =P
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good morning Mr pot? (edited)
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Shall we do this?
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Fuck the police.
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When a topic is off topic that's fine as! It's a reminder for everyone to tag their post if appropriate! I'll try and get some logical category's in for reoccuring things worthy of a category.
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May become a more encompassing category.
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Fyi, category tags used in the initial post are not visible if added first or last rather than having to add a comment after.
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Further, you can remove the comment for tagging after the fact. The post will remain tagged.
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Some things are legitimately off-topic and that's entirely fine. Things such as memes, random shit, bants or whatever are served perfectly fine by that category. Categories are designed to indicate the subject, not the object so just like I'm not keen on a memes tag I'd also not be keen on a videos, images, etc tag. In reality a meme is usually about something so should be tagged with that subject.

@crazymuffins correct, tags get subbed out of your content no matter where you add them. My typical way of posting is content followed by tags followed by urls. And yes, removing the reply after the fact is a thing - you even keep a bit of rep for doing us a solid by adding the tag.

Oh and I'm going to make the message go away when a tag is added.
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And now the message goes away when you reply with tags.
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it didnt work :P
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