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Hello there weary traveler! I see you have stumbled upon my bio page. I hope you are ready for a journey filled with intrigue, danger and sexy elven women!

.....All jokes aside i'm Dean, been around the LANBox for a solid 8-ish years now and loved every minute of it. I'm also an admin here so if you have any concerns please feel free to add me on steam.

My passions are Computer Hardware, Science and Space Technology, but i also dabble in all manner of things including cars and woodworking

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Happy Birthday @blaknite! 35 today right?......
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If it is Happy Birthday if not (i don't know? Something nice).
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It is my birthday, I am not 35. Thanks and fuck you :P
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Happy Birthday! the big 3 and 5!
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Hello, my name Anush.....
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Happy thirty fifth birthday buddy hope it's a good one 8===D :)
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I'd like-a da biscuit please.
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Thank you.
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How'd you get so old so quickly? feels like only yesterday you were 31. Happy Birthday old @blaknite
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Bad memes
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Welcome to the land of 32 years old, it's a glorious land filled with beer and bitches.
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