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The man slowly opened the warm white box, inside he found the thing that had made him excited with anticipation. The smell of cinnamon wafted up into his nostrils and engaged his primal animal urges with feelings of longing, but the man restrained himself as he knew this was something he would not want to rush. He reached into the box and gently pulled out its occupant, he took a moment to appreciate the warm moist texture of the item before gently setting it down on a fresh absorbent paper towel he had laid out earlier. The man slowly slid off his clothing as this just felt so natural to him, with this done he picked up the item again the craving almost overpowering his reasoning. He lifted it to his mouth and delicate lick, the combination of cinnamon and sugar sent the taste buds on his tongue into a frenzy as he moved it into the hole in the center. Once he had licked as much as his tongue could take he started to nibble at the edges, tentative at first but then more enthusiastically. He began to take bigger mouthfuls and he felt it slide down his throat but too soon there was nothing left and he began to feel sad as if a lover had a walked out of his life. He knew however that his time would come again, he just had to wait for the next donut to catch his eye and take his breath away.

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I love food days at work, it's a good excuse to play with my toys!
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