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If you had to pick purely on aesthetics, would you get a 1973 Ford XB Falcon, a Perentti Coupe, or a 1967 Shelby GT500.
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XB for sure
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The GT500, I didn't know what the Perentti was
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The Perentti -
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This is purely because I can't decide what body I want for my car in Mad Max.
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XB yes.
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mad max... obviously the answer is the XB
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This is "canonically" (George Miller says it is, but everywhere else says it's not) after Fury Road btw, (edited)
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XB obviously
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I think the choice has been made. The XB Shell is coming home with me. Pics when i get this thing upgraded
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@Furcas i thought it was before Fury Road
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My pics shall also follow suit. The XB is Max's car. Forever and always
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XB, always XB. My dad had one and its the car that he regrets selling the most (my fault for being born lol)
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