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So the Assassins Creed: Origins steam page is being review bombed due to unsubstantiated claims of DRM causing CPU issues, and yet it's sitting at Very Positive. Either the game getting a ton of positive reviews, or Steam is now filtering out review bombing.
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The game is good from what I heard it's just that people hate DRM
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From what I read, it's just a Denuvo with an additional anti-tamper. No substantial proof that it causes CPU usage to go out of the window. There has been some speculation that it's a faulty DX12 wrapper causing the load on CPUs rather than GPUs that I'm more inclined to believe. It just doesn't make for dramatic headlines.
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Also, I'm playing the hell out of it on PS4 and it's definitely a good new direction to take the series. They need to stick to every second year and implement a new theme each time, like the jump they made with AC4. Also if you stand still in a town, the local cats hang out with you and you can pat them.
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Steam does now filter out review bombing.
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Fuck everything I'm buying it for the cats
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@FireJesus Turns out one of the abilities lets you tame Cats...
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heck yeah cat army
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dethrone the pharaoh and instate a cat empire, then have everybody participate in your shitty ska/jazz music
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