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I have been thinking about picking up a runout Pixel (version 1) XL - It looks like still pretty good specs, I want a stock android phone & it has an OLED screen and headphone jack :) - Thoughts please ppl?
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Can also look at the Nokia phones
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Had the Pixel XL since release. One of the best Android phones i've had to date.
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@KustoM do you know anyone who has had experience with the Nokia phones - I have seen mixed things since in reviews. The google phones seem more of a sure bet when comparing specs, what are your thoughts? Since the pixel 2 has come out I have seen the Pixel XL drop to around $700 grey market - which seems like its good value. The nokia 8 seems a bit more powerful but the pixel xl has a better screen
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@crazymuffins - how to you feel it goes performance wise for new (grey) for $7-800 - worth it?
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I have a galaxy s7 edge - ok with it - it is decent but its well used now and cracked, my mate got it when it came out, had broke and replaced the screen, then I borrowed it to test it out when he got an s8 and screen cracked (stupid round edges) in a 15-20cm fall out of pocket onto bricks. So I bought it, the screen has continued to crack (way too fragile). I will try to repair the screen myself and sell it rather than wasting a shitload on a screen repair (which I can payfor if I can't do it myself). Performance wise its fine, but I want stock android, and oreos
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I changed from the edge to the XL, black 64gb. Peerformamce is solid, had android lockup once in the year I've had it and that was pre android 8.
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Outright however I'm not normally a fan of because phones are damned expensive.
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If you're not getting on contract but want a top end android, you can't go wrong with it really.
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After some looking for a Samsung Note that wasn't Samsung it looked like Nokia might be the choice. But their gear lacks a lot in build quality and so on making them essentially a phone that isn't Samsung.
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