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Those of you that have kickstarted something before - can you withdraw your kickstart pledge within the pledge period? I know I can block/cancel the transaction on my card (the company hasn't responded to multiple attempts to contact them in 2 weeks regarding the current and previous products they have made).
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If the function isnt in your account or pledges section on kickstarter you would have to contact Kickstarter themselves in relation to it.
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ok thanks - I will have a better look.
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You mean the project has funded already? Or is yet to fund?
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It is in its kickstarter campaign, it has received the amount it needs, but the kickstarter campaign is still running - I have been trying to get a hold of them for ages regarding their last product and also what differences they introduce in the new product - no joy.
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plus some issues
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You can just cancel your pledge from the manage pledge button on the campaign....
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Thanks - that is probably what I will be doing - I am really surprised they are basically ignoring the support and general contact emails of their previous products ever since the new product campaign started.
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Sometimes you'll find chain kickstarter campaigners like that use their next kickstarter to finish funding the previous and then start another to fund the last "funded" one
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