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@KustoM @blaknite @ropeney Ring any bells? XD
Alestorm - Shipwrecked [Lyric Video] - YouTube

All audio belongs to Alestorm. I do not own any of it, or take any credit for it's production. This is my second lyric video done to this band. I re-watched ...

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I'm still pretty sure the only part we ever got from this was "Yer Screwed!" XD
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I needed this song in my life. Thank you Muffins <3
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I love Alestorm!
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Is this the random as fuck song that came on pandora when @KustoM was trying to iphone?
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Yep, when we were all somewhat intoxicated sitting across the various chairs. (edited)
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Actually, it was a couple of songs after @KustoM setup Sabaton, we had a few similar songs then this came on, then that really Irish sounding one which was also these guys i think. We all had that WTF look, then got in to it XD
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Alestorm ftw
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