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Posting Guidelines

One of the main reasons we all come here is because we like to hear each others thoughts around games and technology. With that in mind please add a little personal touch to what you share so we know why you posted it. It's much more fun to start a discussion than just share a quick link.

Tagging is also an important part of any post; it adds context to what you share so that others can pick up on it without asking. It also plays a key role in our recommendation system.

Posting Attachments

You can share links, images and videos by typing or pasting the URL in with your content. Be sure to separate all of your URLs with spaces for optimal effect.

You can upload images directly by clicking the camera icon or upload icon and selecting a file. A URL will be automatically included in your post.

Using Categories

Each time someone plays a new game we ensure there's a category ready for you to talk about it. These categories allow you to explore conversations and help us to tailor your recommended filter. Tagging your conversations helps others who share your interests connect with you and, in turn, helps build the community. Just type # and let the tagging begin!

You can tag an existing shout by including tags in your reply.

If a category doesn't exist please feel free to let us know because we review categories periodically.

You can browse categories by using the Site Search in the header. You can choose to browse a category feed or search using keywords.

Posting a shout from a category page will automatically tag it with that category. You can still add other categories if you wish.

Filtering Feeds

By default feeds only show popular content. You'll notice a set of filters on all feeds for Latest, Trending, Recommended and All conversations. Check out the Trending filter to see the most popular content, or Recommended to see the conversations that match the games you play on Steam. If you posted something and it has disappeared the likely cause is low interaction, a quick switch to the All filter should reveal your post. You can set the default filter in your account settings.


Throughout your time using The LANBox you'll get a bunch of notifications. Many will flash at the bottom of your window; click them to jump straight to their subject.

Click the icon in the top-right of screen to manage your notifications. From there you can view new content, mark them read and mute the ones you'd never like to hear from again.

Muting notifications is a great way to silence a conversation you're no longer interested in. You can still filter to read to see the conversations you've muted.

Posting Articles

Anyone with reputation higher than 20 is allowed to write articles for the community to read. Just head over to the article index and start a new one.

Formatting Tips

Stories, threads and your personal bio can be formatted with BBCode. A list of tags can be found here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who love to access things as quick as possible we have a few keyboard shortcuts.

C - Focus the new shout form to start a new conversation.
R - Focus the first reply form.
H - Return to the home feed.
A - Go to the articles index.
F - Go to the forum index.
N - View your notifications.
SHIFT + N - Read your next notification.
HOME - Load new conversations and scroll to top.
S or / - Search.
< - Previous Page.
> - Next Page.

Code of Conduct

You can read The LANBox Code of Conduct at: A TL;DR of rules can be found at: