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!*SPOILERS*! No Mans Sky - Screenshot Thread !*SPOILERS*!

Be warned all who enter here, this post is for sharing of discoveries and stories from No Mans Sky. If you don't want to spoil anything, don't look.


Post your screenshots of stories of anything worthy from No Mans Sky! Please TRY to avoid story spoilers wherever possible.

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There are 23 replies. write your own.

Cave from my starter world. Caves are sexy.

Mini goat/ram/wtf

My new classy ship :P

Ohhh, found a glorious greenish ocean world with small landmasses including floating islands.

Having fun exploring. First new ship i got looks like a cross between a gundam and a viper from battlestar

@KustoM that thing like awesome XD

New shinys

Oh wow your planets look so nice. The only ones I've seen have looked like a crusty arsehole.

@FireJesus Most of mine have been, like the screenshot with the flying... penis things... was a barren shithole. Like most places. But i'm super enjoying finding the occasional pretty one :P

T-rex!! Also that first picture looks stunning

Haha yes the little Rex made me laugh.

Also yes! When I landed in that system it was awesome as! It's also where I found the nice planet below it.


Oh that's sick!

JJ abrams designed my new ship

What the actual...

Dugtrio's evolved form

What's worse, when you feed them they do thebl same movement. Lean forward, lean back. Wiggle. Repeat.

First planet after Wormhole :P

Exploring New Shroomland

The shrooms started kicking in

Vehicles get!

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