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When accessing The LANBox website and associated voice and game servers, you are accessing a free service provided by me, Grant Colegate (I, me, my), and you agree to abide by the following code of conduct while using this service.

A TL;DR of the code of conduct can found at the following link:

Access to Services

Access to the website, voice server and games servers is at the sole discretion of me and the appointed administrators.

A lot of effort is put into keeping the website, voice and game servers online but from time-to-time these services may suffer a fault and/or go down for maintenance. In these circumstances I will do my best to ensure connectivity is restored as soon as possible. If you encounter a fault, feel free to notify me by emailing

I reserve the right to terminate your access to these services without warning and/or explanation. If you find yourself unable to access any of our services due to a ban you may contact with a well written letter to address the issue.

You agree that you are 16 years of age or older.

Your Conduct

The LANBox is treated as a mature community, as such foul language and offensive posts may be tolerated but do so with a touch of decency. It is expected that you act in a mature and responsible manner. Content that is illegal, that may draw undue attention, or that is otherwise objectionable will be removed without question.

I, and my appointed administrators, reserve the right to remove any user submitted content we deem unsuitable without warning and/or explanation. In the event you come across something you find offensive you have the right to report it. It is, however, your responsibility to take appropriate steps avoid such content.

You have the right to use an alias or handle when using The LANBox website, voice and game servers except when that alias or handle is deemed offensive. In such cases you will be given the opportunity to change your alias or handle.

The community is run in a way that allows it to self-moderate. If you find yourself being told by a senior member (seniority is denoted by a members reputation as seen on their profile) that something you have posted is not welcome you should listen and heed their advice.

Communicating on the internet is prone to misinterpretation, and disagreements and differences of opinion happen often. With this in mind, assume that someone means well before responding in a negative way. Acting in a friendly and rational manner ensures we create an atmosphere that people want to participate in. Disputes can be resolved without resorting to angry outbursts and/or with the assistance of a senior member.

As always there are some things that are not welcome. These include and are not limited to: racism, harassment, making light of rape or suicide, abuse and nudity. You may not post pornography or links to pornography. In order to avoid undue attention please refrain from linking to pirated content and/or torrents for pirated content.

You will not post or talk excessively. Text or mic. spamming is not allowed.

You will not use any of the services operated for The LANBox for illegal purposes.

You will not hack The LANBox website, voice or games servers. You will not cheat when using game servers operated for The LANBox and participating in organised events.

When sharing content created by you or an associated entity, your content must not contain sponsored content or explicit advertisements for you or your associated entity. Direct advertising or use of paid links when posting on The LANBox website is not allowed without prior permission. This includes, but is not limited to, linking competitions, events and services that may be in direct competition with my, and my appointed administrators goals.

As a member of The LANBox you should share our desire to improve and promote community events and refrain from promoting conflicting events. Participation in and promotion of Friday Night Games and live streams on The LANBox's official Twitch and YouTube channels is critical to their success.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of any updates and/or modifications to theses terms and conditions.

My Conduct

I will do my best to ensure that The LANBox website, voice and game servers are safe and friendly, however I, or my appointed administrators, are under no obligation to moderate and/or remove any user created content submitted to these services.

As the owner of this website I, Grant Colegate, will not be held liable for the misuse of this site or any site which is linked to by people who are not authorized to post content, download files, or perform any other type of action.

I, and my appointed administrators, will act in a way which reflects the behaviour we expect from the rest of the community. Everything under "Your Conduct" applies to me as well.

I reserve the right to report any instance where I feel the law has been broken to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

I reserve the right to update and/or modify these terms and conditions and/or any other policies at any time. In the event these terms and conditions and/or any other policies are modified I will post on The LANBox website as a reminder.


You agree to my privacy policy which can be found at the following link:

Event Participation

Your participation in organised events is at the discretion of me and my appointed administrators. It is expected that if you show intent to participate that you actively follow conversations about the event you will be attending. If you cannot attend please notify the person organising the event so that they can plan accordingly.

Other Conditions

I use due diligence to ensure The LANBox website, voice and game servers are secure and bug free, however you use The LANBox these services at your own risk. You agree to not hold me or my appointed administrators liable or any loss of data profits and/or other damages that could arise from using these services except where Australian Law and evidence dictates I or my appointed administrators are at fault.

You agree to not hold me responsible whereby the loss was incurred via a malicious act against The LANBox Website, voice and/or game servers.