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Medium 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Just finished a paint in VR Kingspray Graffiti that took me 6 hours with a 20 minute break in the middle. It's Zoro from One Piece. (edited)
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Small 144a7f2c5e77b1ac5d576edbcb217bfe
Duuuude youre good at Graffiti. Is his sword purple because of Haki?
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Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
You got it buddy
Small eb4fb07065fce91e93eac06d236abc37
thats dope as! If I had this I reckon I'd get as far as a crudely drawn dickbutt and thats about it...
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Yeah my mate said the same thing. Just dicks everywhere XD
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