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ambiguous post is ambiguous
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Trying to talk people though simple IT related tasks is painful, other IT people will get it.
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If it's anything besides a basic skill, I just connect via Teamviewer and show them. Got too much to do to wait for a 'where is the start menu?'
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ah see theres the clincher, Teamviewer costs money, and i would have to clear it with the PCI compliance people. But yes, my next ghost imaage will have at least tightVNC or something similar.
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once the new router arrives that can handle a proper VPN life will be easier
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TightVNC is the way to go.
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Its not just I.T. hell Ive got people that I've trained at work and I go "how the fuck did I ever pass you". A big issue is people not really wanting to learn, know or understand and in the end just wanting somebody else to do their shit for them.
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