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Medium 651746e2ae9bc2abfd6bac3a2608754b
Well damn those are some impressive as hell benchmarks
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Small 0b71ed9133601659dee833898879131d
God damn that's impressive.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
holy moly that's blown the competition out of the water
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
There's only one issue, is there a point to it?
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Getting things done faster is always useful.
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
Yes, but theoretical speeds and the actual real life performance difference for day to day tasks, is it necessary?
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
That's such a sweeping question it's really impossible to answer it. One's day to day task could be checking email or it could be rendering 4K video on the go for their job in journalism.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
So that's a no and yes all at once.
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
For many users though, would it be worthwhile to opt for this simply because of how "fast" it is, rather than user flexibility such as Android phones (i'm not a fanboy here, I used both). But the difference that i've seen between the iPhone 8 & Samsung Galaxy S8 in benchmarks has the iPhone 8 DESTROYING it the S8, however the actual day to day task speeds doesn't really differ for me. That's the only thing i'd have to say about iPhone 8. Particularly when it's such a locked environment of an operating system.
Small c414e399fa98856ab1c17dc1e62216dc
I am just awaiting the inevitable scaling up of the A series chips to be used in Macbooks.
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Small c414e399fa98856ab1c17dc1e62216dc
You talk about "user flexibility" though, as if the common user is actually doing anything that tech-heads do with Android devices.....
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