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Medium 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
Rust is back!

We've got an x3 rate modded server back and alive, feel free to check out some of the new content that has come along.

Search for sanctuary and you'll see [AUS] - Sanctuary in the modded list.

Unlike previous runs, we're going super light on the rules this round. Pretty much Rust is Rust so go nuts.
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Small 2688b1a0c1843382a02d0e1e07a4be70
ADMIN ABOOOSEEE :P god i got sick of hearing that, might be nice to just be a NORMAL player this time round
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Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
Yea, we won't be rocking any in-game playing admins this round either. It'll be handled via console and a secondary account for moderation purpose only.

Playing admins causes no end of grief.
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Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
Online Live Map
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
Damn that name...
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Small 4f2fd5831a502b31b1a8b7e7ee69b8be
so how long until we get 50+ c4 and go allah ackbaring people
Small 98c7ae9f0c5d939c848cbaa8ee8ba58f
as soon as you can gather enough resources for 50 c4.
Small 605235c89e10212b99be6ce77a315e6e
Yay! I've been meaning to get back into Rust now that the component system is here. Just gotta escape priso-I mean school
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Small ad64c34f180179f5a043ec7b61280892
@Twistiez we should rust it up
Small 1867e0ee10bcc2bfd652a1eae48e8aa7
Maybe when I have time
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