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Medium 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Looks like we're in with a good chance at getting the SNES classic. Nintendo have increased the production run.
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Small 00aa79cbdb08fd1cd50021b8a348c264
I pre-ordered day one, so I'm hoping that helps me obtain one!
Small b7961267d5b852bae6c08f84c73268bc
Is it also gonna cost twice as much here in Australia? I passed up on the mini NES because it was around 200 AUD dammit.
Small 00aa79cbdb08fd1cd50021b8a348c264
Really? I thought it was priced the same as the SNES Mini at $120
Small b7961267d5b852bae6c08f84c73268bc
I could of sworn it was around $200 at launch. I did see one at CeX a week ago and it was well above $200 for some reason.
Small 00aa79cbdb08fd1cd50021b8a348c264
This article suggest it was $100 at launch and $19.99 for an extra controller
Small 00aa79cbdb08fd1cd50021b8a348c264
Also any you see on sale now are gonna be very expensive because they were a very popular limited release item. They may very well never go below $200 from here on out
Small b7961267d5b852bae6c08f84c73268bc
I probably remembered the price on ebay because I didn't actually see any price listings on retail sites. Then again when it comes to limited Nintendo runs they never seem to appear on the retails websites and by the time I go ask the people at the counter they'd say they're already sold out... (edited)
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