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Medium 1668545c478f64b770fe550995c3f7b4
Its that time again.
Give any feedback.
Trading Hall - Episode 14 - Nelly's Minecraft - YouTube

Trading Hall - Episode 14 - Nelly's Minecraft. In this episode we create a villager trading area, where we will move the villagers from the old village and f...

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Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
I think I would really enjoy some very VERY light / soft background music (piano based) alongside this. Also, just at the VERY beginning there's about 3 seconds of silence and no movement, perhaps clip those 3 seconds out? Otherwise, I enjoy it as always :D
Small 1282769c0705b838087a697e41463950
I personally like the silence in these vids but some almost inaudible music might be worth a shot, wasn't a huge fan of the high energy music in this episode. Content was really good, enjoyed watching the sped up footage rather than just jumpcuts.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Yeah I'm not really feeling high energy music for your vids either. There's something about how you presented them that was calming and casual. I liked that. Something subtle could work better.
Small 1668545c478f64b770fe550995c3f7b4
Thanks guys, I guess I personally didn't think of that music as high energy. Finding music I like (and thought) is proving challenging.
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
I've got a few background royalty free tracks and sites that might help.
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