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Medium 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
Now that is interesting, might be something that could compete with Steam :o
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Small 322fec4bacf1d38fc5ba903ca5f53d95
I doubt Twitch will be able to rival Steam in any sense. Just my 2cents.
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Hrrrmmmm I'm not sure under what circumstances I would use this. As a heavy twitch user you must have a better idea. How would it tie in so it's useful?
Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
@Tuttorix i don't know man I wouldn't underestimate the selling power of streamers and I reckon the pricing will be rather competitive given that Amazon is the one pulling the strings, I'm not saying straight off the bat but over a number of years I could see potential.
Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
@blaknite its about supporting the streamer since some of the revenue goes towards them, I look at it this way you already see people give donations to streamers so why pay a little extra and get a game as well, it also allows really good native advertising to the publishers I mean seriously what's better than a multiple hour ad of your game with an option to buy right there in the same client
Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
*sorry that was why not pay a little extra
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
So it's "I'm playing x and you can buy it and I get a cut?" I can see that working, I also see it as a complementary market to Steam not a competitor. I'm keen to see how it pans out.
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Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
My original statement was probably a bit ambitious but if this ends up even cutting 10% into the steam sales then that's a big deal, I'm curious as to what Amazon can and will do those guys really don't muck around
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Yeah I forget that Amazon is behind Twitch. That's something I didn't consider.
Small a196c68f2fad7dbc81b100d127b5cadc
Tagged: Live Streams.
Small 322fec4bacf1d38fc5ba903ca5f53d95
You see, I can't see it as a competitor. Honestly I reckon it would work really well WITH steam as a vendor and with percentages going to Twitch and the streamers.
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