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Medium 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Improved thing! The user sidebar now identifies those who are currently playing a game in bold green and those who are streaming on twitch in bold red. It also shows their current status, including the game they are playing in a hover tooltip.
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Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
Nifty! Curiosity, is it possible to do the now streaming to include YouTube gaming or just twitch?
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
There's probably some APIs involved to make it happen but unless someone is seriously (and I mean really seriously) going to push an LB-flavoured stream there's not much return on investment.
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Small a452095a1fb944f69bb78ed9a51e25e8
YAY, I'm an example
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
'scape goat. But example is fine also.
Small ceba56f87ec132f8ebcfa22965937c61
A poor example, but an example none the less
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