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New stuff get! !
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Small 6720678285d6f5fc58a50f7631b18b22
Nice mammal.
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Small fda5409573e1312a2004bce1eabb2b19
Why the choice of 21:9. Just curious
Small f7f9d0411d3ae26049279aa52494d4fd
One word. @crazymuffins XD (edited)
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
@KustoM it's a 1440 monitor at 16:9.
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
It's a "Wide Viewing Angle" but not a Wide Screen.
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
I got me a Phillips 43" 4k monitor... its lovely :)
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
And here i am feeling like 32 is on the fine line of almost too big.
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Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Totally want to get a bigger screen or an ultrawide since starting pubg.
Small 317d70ffd9ea6b5c2730dc68eebb9e9a
Ultrawide 32" Curved would be the most amazing thing to get. I prefer that over dual or triple monitor setups.
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Yeah that's my thinking too! I want to replace my current triple setup with the new shiny.
Small f7f9d0411d3ae26049279aa52494d4fd
@blaknite I can say that the crisp clear image with a larger screen and higher resolution definitely helped me see better in PUBG
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Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Nice! I'd also like it for productivity tasks as well. Glad you're happy with the purchase.
Small 317d70ffd9ea6b5c2730dc68eebb9e9a
I think the thing is that Ultrawide 32" Curved would be better for productivity with the greater screen real estate, however snapping isn't as great. I believe this video has great pros and cons listed out:
Ultrawide vs Dual Screen - what is the best setup for productivity? - YouTube

So ultrawide monitors are great for gaming and watching videos but are better than dual screen setups for productivity purposes? Here are some of my thoughts...

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Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
Snapping on ultras is handled two fold. Basic windows options and most monitors have software to support central snaps etc.
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