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Medium 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Anybody interested in running through the GTA V heists? I've not done my runthrough yet, and the public teams are bloody tards that are both incompetent, or leave before the end. (edited)
9 replies ( 7 hidden )
Small 646b69b0ea645dcb0ac2cacfc0e32fdd
i'd love to
Small 7b5b850d71744e8679c952c04e489b3b
Potentially, when do you want to attempt this? I've only beaten the Prison heist on my main, and the first heist on my secondary.
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Perhaps this Saturday night?
Small 646b69b0ea645dcb0ac2cacfc0e32fdd
oh RIP, i'll be in melbourne all weekend :(
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Should meet up for a few beers mate
Small 8c379a240bbfc54b052a0e9fa7df6a32
I would like to - though I haven't played GTA V online at all yet and not sure if you need to do much before you can do the heists... I think I have been missing out on some fun
Small 646b69b0ea645dcb0ac2cacfc0e32fdd
You can participate in the heists at any rank but you should probably get a hold of the online game first
Small 646b69b0ea645dcb0ac2cacfc0e32fdd
@Ghost448 probably won't be able to catch up for beers this weekend, but maybe another weekend
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Fair enough. Next time then
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