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Don't forget to join us for some glorious GTA shenanigans tonight 8pm (UTC +9:30). Mostly a bunch of overworld madness, team killing and so on. Maybe a few new events depending on what the survivors want :)

See you later for some vehicular manslaughter!
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Small c7b6bb09b916cbccbd52ad59e13bcbe5
How many we got?
Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
Small c7b6bb09b916cbccbd52ad59e13bcbe5
I think thats 1.....
Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
3 if you count yourself and muffins (the event organiser)
Small c7b6bb09b916cbccbd52ad59e13bcbe5
I'm sure there will also be a @Stoner772 and a couple of the people we know as well
Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
wait.... you know people? i always assumed you were a strange hermit that lived under a mountain
Small 0d5cd15f98f3c4dbbef74bad0871b830
I will be there after i finish work. Now back to setting up a new phone system for a client.
Small ad64c34f180179f5a043ec7b61280892
i should be on a little after 10
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Small 2d2b01a5fe1c162af673841a56a8b0fa
I'm in
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Small ad64c34f180179f5a043ec7b61280892
so dinner and a few beers turned into a dozen beers and a trip down the brewery, sorry i couldnt make it
Small c7b6bb09b916cbccbd52ad59e13bcbe5
All you really missed is @Stoner772 's unrelenting ability to blow shit up. (edited)
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