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Next race will be around Highlands Sprint in the Toyota 86. The one after will be around Vallelunga Club after which we'll switch it up by revisting the same tracks in the Mazda Miata/MX-5 NA. Tentative date is the 7th April. Let me know if you can attend!
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Small 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
I'll do my best to make it (edited)
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Small ad64c34f180179f5a043ec7b61280892
How hard is this with a controller?
Small 81529cc3eddee1d17b9232cfdcf2f98a
Vallelunga Classic and or Full Course can still be pretty fun if we want to use them either for the 86 or the MX5.

And can we call the MX5 series Spec Pinata? =P
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Small 81529cc3eddee1d17b9232cfdcf2f98a
@FireJesus it's possible. But difficult. Don't expect to run up the front with it.
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
@Avarice sets good times with mouse so that's another option.
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
As for club vs classic I'll do some laps over the weekend and see which I feel is better. Regarding name, I'm going to keep it as part of the same quarterly championship as the remaining two races in the 86 plus four in the MX-5 will see us out until the end of June when the major prize is drawn.
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Small 98c7ae9f0c5d939c848cbaa8ee8ba58f
Mouse is good once you get used to it. But can be a bit twitchy if you need to pick the mouse up to move it.
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
Do you guys have Project Cars as well by any chance?
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Some of us do but we'll be sticking to the one game for the regular events.
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