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Medium 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
@blaknite Are we doing a FNG this Friday night for the last Friday of LB?
9 replies ( 7 hidden )
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Go ahead and organise something. I’ve got Friday plans already. I do plan to be on discord for games next Wednesday though.
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Small 144a7f2c5e77b1ac5d576edbcb217bfe
Oo whats happening on Wednesday?
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
Is there going to be some organised event for the closure of TheLANBox?
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
I certainly hope so
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
I mean it's coming up pretty quick, there's only 8 days left. The 30th of November is also a Thursday so it's not like we can do an FNG.
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Hence my OP
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
I haven't got anything in particular in mind for the wednesday but I'd kinda be keen for some openra, rocket legs whatever else for shits and giggles
Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
Yeah sounds good. I guess i'll be jumping on the Wednesday then, have to download all the games again.
Small ab2445257023467f589b2662d046da38
OPENRA (also known as the great wall creep) (edited)
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