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EVE Online: Redesigning the CONCORD Police Frigate - YouTube

CCP Acid Burn takes you through the redesign process for the CONCORD police frigate in EVE Online. In this interview, he highlights how the original concepts...

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Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
EVE has some of the best ship designs, i just don't like the gameplay lol. (or subscription based games for that matter)
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Small fda5409573e1312a2004bce1eabb2b19
Good thing it's free to play now
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Small 489d0b326072d6c93ccfe41d5a57e5e9
^ This.
Small 605235c89e10212b99be6ce77a315e6e
I'm thinking of giving it a go now that its free. @Azzamatazz what didn't you like?
Small 79ecb62e33973ca659ccccf91b41c4e7
Its free to play if you don't want to fly anything above a starter a ship. (edited)
Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
mainly, the super clusterfucky interface, then again it was many years ago that i played it so that may have changed
Small 13128e55817584f2d8dade49f37c2ba7
also what ava said, its not really free to play, its free to demo
Small 8d7aeae0f16d6d0987db1cf0e299da94
You can actually fly quite a lot of ships and not starter ones..
Small 489d0b326072d6c93ccfe41d5a57e5e9
You can get up to cruisers.
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
^ how much time grinding is required to get to that sort of level without sinking in a whole lot of real world money?
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Small 489d0b326072d6c93ccfe41d5a57e5e9
I don't have the numbers but getting to cruisers isn't especially difficult.
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
You could probably b line to a mission cruiser within 1-2 weeks. A lot longer to fit them in an ideal setup or for PvP.
Small 8d7aeae0f16d6d0987db1cf0e299da94
Get to cruisers in under a week of training and as for cost they are pretty cheap.
Small 7a9faee82b68e132da7b22ea96e73de6
A decent fit cruiser takes a bit longer but yea
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