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Medium 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Small and simple but fuck oath it came up nice. It's a keypad lockbox for a CFA security gate.
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Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Tagged: Engineering.
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Is this for external installation?
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Yeah they'll affix this box and drill the cable holes where needed
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
I know very little about where my jobs are going/being used unless my boss tells me, or actually takes me out to site and shows me (which is extremely rare)
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Why isn't it weatherproofed?
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
It's going to have a keypad in it yes? Electronics and water don't mix well usually.
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
It'll be sealed and waterproofed on site I'd be tipping. That or the keypad itself will be waterproof. We only really seal things that we're asked to, or that we know for a fact need to. Most of the time it's written down if the job needs to be sealed or not.
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Yeah, if they haven't asked then the keypad itself should be waterproof, and the box is probably just for defence against tampering - a lock for your lock.
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
Small a452095a1fb944f69bb78ed9a51e25e8
If its like any of the lock boxes I deal with for some sites it will be bolted to the wall outside and have a singular key in it for a gate somewhere nearby.
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
No no, it's actually going to have a keypad in it and will be locked with a padlock
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Will there be a smaller box for the padlock that goes on the box? Y'know, to lock the lock that is locking the lock which has the lock.
Small c414e399fa98856ab1c17dc1e62216dc
We call that the babushlock
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