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So turns out Destiny2 has no way for anyone not in a clan to do nightfall (End game content). Spending ages trying to get LFG's on various websites... One great way to ruin a game is to force end game content out of game.... the actual fuck.
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Hit me up tonight and I'll do it with you.
Small 89dddea991c715897345081a5b1efe04
^ same
Small 0b71ed9133601659dee833898879131d
Also they do - it's via their website. Because you know, why make it part of the game?
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
They have a clan search, which doesn't help when search for clan is a specific and exact name.
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
Other than that it's a few forum posts which are a major pain in the arse.
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
So I've been grinding normal strike and only realised the gear there caps at 260. With a 264gs I've made no progress besides the occasional ledg and bright engram XD
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
I stand partially corrected. Find Fireteam. Why the fuck is that out of game?
Small c338c51ea5ab175777633acaeb9a02c0
aaaaand it's horrible with a single filter... Language.
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Small 36df47b405aaa2564575447d0b3a701c
Do your milestones for powerful gear and you'll increase a lot, soft cap for gear is at 265.
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