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Medium 74a9ef45203c747f131ab6b47cc9aa52
One of custom builds at the LAN tonight.
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Small 07fb7be67dc0ab37453dbd6bda616232
Omg I love this, it looks amazing. I would seriously hate that aspect ratio though, but otherwise, I think that's an insanely awesome build.
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Small 651746e2ae9bc2abfd6bac3a2608754b
Tagged: DIY and Computing.
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Small 74a9ef45203c747f131ab6b47cc9aa52
I Actually have another one of these eMac's in the shed maybe i should make one as well for lanning. I would probably use a 14" Laptop wide screen if i did it.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
That's awesome. I love it when people put new computers in the shells of old ones. (edited)
Small 651746e2ae9bc2abfd6bac3a2608754b
I was tempted to do one in an old powermac or something, those cases are sexy
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