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Medium 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
How many people here have done a motorkhana? (skidpan or dirt)
If so, how did you go and was there anything that happened worth noting?

I'll start, I did a motorkhana today for the first time on dirt (have done one on a skidpan as well) and i absolutely loved it! Something worth noting is I may need a bottom end rebuild sooner than I thought, she still drives fine but she makes funny noises now between 2-3k rpm.

(Totally asking this question just so I have a reason to put up a pic of my muddy rolla haha, but I am genuinely curious.) (edited)
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Small 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
mud on plate is from lip acting as a plow on the access road I might add!
Small fda5409573e1312a2004bce1eabb2b19
Id love to skidpan but i dont think i could bring myself to do it on dirt with my car lol
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Small 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
video is up! @KustoM yeah your car is worth a bit more than mine though haha.
Motorkhana AwabaWAC Park in a 31 year old Corolla - YouTube

crappy edit of my gopro footage of a few runs from todays motorkhana. I left the gopro on continuously until it ran out of battery and cut out the good bits ...

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Small fda5409573e1312a2004bce1eabb2b19
Looks like fun!
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Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
Just leave that dirt there so you avoid some speeding fines...
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Small 79ecb62e33973ca659ccccf91b41c4e7
I think the fine for having an obstructed number plate is worse than a minor speeding fine.
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
Like legitimately or with mates in places I shouldn't have done it? There was an awesome spot near where I grew up that was a maze of dirt tracks that I used to do dumb shit on with mates and see who was better. We did it in a car park once with maccas trays and some cones from the road.
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Small 81529cc3eddee1d17b9232cfdcf2f98a
Done quite a few in my MX5 at various locations with the local car clubs. There was one time that I trusted my brother to torque my wheel nuts down before a run (I changed tyres/wheels) and went out hearing an almighty thumping. Finished the run and jacked up the car thinking it was suspension, then realised the nuts were loose =P
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
I think what I love most about this corolla is that it's a massive piss-take on what people actually did to them thinking they were cool. You should put a fake bonnet scoop on it.
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Small 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
Should have seen the windscreen banner I had on it before @blaknite, only took it off recently as it was falling apart and too few people got the joke. (edit: even in this photo from mid last year it was falling apart) (edited)
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Small 313a09806de6a7e56223119aa159cf41
(sidenote: could we possibly get a photo upload button when editing comments on mobile lol, i deleted the link editing it thee first time) (edited)
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