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Medium bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
Calling all racers! Join the discussion on an idea I have for a series/championship for after the current LB championship is complete (or when there's nights that it's not currently running).
12 replies ( 10 hidden )
Small 9d002070ca9a7fe08eaeb4d549235e4d
I don't actually know if this JDM tournament will be completed, @blaknite did say that all current events are cancelled.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Yep, cancelled indeed.
Small bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
Oh right must have misread that. Well would be good to get some feedback on what I've posted so far with regards to the format for the PubCup or if people have questions on the details.
Small 8807ee669ae5541c36ff22c833472e99
Sounds like something I would participate in.
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Small eb4fb07065fce91e93eac06d236abc37
Oooh looks interesting, ill have to see if I can make it.
Small bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
For those that are available tonight, server will be up in 25 minutes - search for TFD on the server browser and just hop in (no password) if you feel like having a chin wag with the rest of us the TS details are at our site
Small c006bb5cb966dc21a843b3ba2eb38637
shame i had a literature review to write today otherwise i probably would have popped on today :( maybe next time
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Small bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
Definitely man, had a decent field of 16 starters. Wilder than our LB championship races (comes with the territory of public races) but there was still alot of good, close and hard racing at all points of the field. Will be interesting to see what happens once points ballast and restrictor start coming into play
Small bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
I was able to save a replay of one of the reverse grid races - might cut up a video from multiple vehicles.
Small eb4fb07065fce91e93eac06d236abc37
was some fun races, when i was facing the right way... reverse grid races making it past the first corner without facing backwards... 0 of 2 times xD
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Small bfde77d235e3d2b3fad5bb07445c6166
Yea public races are always wild - more about survival than outright speed haha
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