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Medium 1986feca2b0e13d32d9c3ec9c59ba1d0
The next Arma 3 DLC: The Laws of War (edited)
9 replies ( 7 hidden )
Small 144a7f2c5e77b1ac5d576edbcb217bfe
Is there trials for war crimes yet?
Small 1282769c0705b838087a697e41463950
"Leaflets - You can now drop informational pamphlets from the sky using the new Utility Drone" Are you telling me I can now shitpost remotely?
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Wooo additional Civilians things.
Small 1986feca2b0e13d32d9c3ec9c59ba1d0
Having played around with this on Dev it should make for some great missions centered around things other than killing everything that moves.
Small 1282769c0705b838087a697e41463950
Would have liked to have seen more civ/humanitarian vehicles but the new cluster munitions look like they have so much potential for post barrage chaos
Small 1986feca2b0e13d32d9c3ec9c59ba1d0
The new cluster bombs are phenomenal. They also hit FPS pretty hard, much like the artillery cluster munitions.
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
Classic Bohemia.
Small 4dd53337d812071cb01527f2050f2b3e
More Civilians vehicles was what I was hoping for.
Small 4df99b2df8e5766229f9da93128d2e6c
Played the campaign on DEV Branch. Narratively, it's their best work, if a little light on the combat. But that is to be expected.
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