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Medium e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
maybe is should ark up, is it still cheap"
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Small 07201c3e5ddd41efcbedd8a85127e79f
It's a kickass game, and they've got a rather large update coming this week introducing a few new dinosaurs, resources, building tiers, and probably a few new craftables
Small cabf8a25762dc0cebdc3bbd91c15246c
for once i agree with sam, this game is extremely fun after you get used to its grindy nature. i would suggest buying it
Small 07201c3e5ddd41efcbedd8a85127e79f
Ehhh, I wouldn't say it's /grindy/ per se, it's just getting used to how the game works, i.e. Theres no "fast way to level" other than actually /playing/ the game
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
yeh i will get it when its next discounted
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
I really want lego worlds
Small e48a42a58d8f7f0c9fa9fd2a10e8550a
is that wrong
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