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For those that are interested (probably none of you) I am watching the F1 in Belfast. I have never been a big fan of Guinness, but it tastes better over here, also there is apparently a special way to drink it which makes it even more enjoyable. Door-kickers and Breach and Clear played on my Surface Pro2 helped keep me sane on the hell that was the flight from Dubai to Dublin. I tried to fire up HoI4 but it was way too hard in my sleep deprived state.
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Beer always tastes better away from home
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Oh I also played some invisible inc... which I quite liked
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Haha Nico Rosberg won but got booed on the podium - Top job by Ricardo in 2nd place
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Haha, Ricardo dared Mark Webber to drink some champagne out of his shoe up during the podium interview and he was like "Nahh... ok" and did it.. AWESOME!
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Nice one, enjoy
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oh great now all of f1 are gonna be doing shoeys haha
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Sounds great, you going to real ireland?
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Been in Dublin for a couple of days, got to Belfast yesterday, leave tomorrow, then Derry, then down the west coast, south coast and back to Dublin. After that scotland highlands for 6 days. Still trying to work out whether to do 2 nights in skye, and 1 in Inverness, or the other way around - if any one has been there let me know what you think?
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Sounds good, west coast is absolutely stunning.
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Any places you think are must see? Also any particular castles you recommend I visit?
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Castles are more East/Central Ireland, West Coast is nature'n'shit.
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Obviously giant's causeway is a must, If you get the chance the Burren is pretty neat, also has some cool caves iirc.
Small 72da89b491940bc06ab3bd819c994b70
Oh and the cliffs of Moher, really cool tourist spots around there.
Small 3112106033f234590a63a8fcc5455160
Thanks, we got plenty of time to detour to central ireland if a castle is worth it. We saw a couple on the way up to Belfast but they where pretty "meh"
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Auzzie Guiness is brewed under license by Tooheys so thats why its no where near as good as the stuff brewed in Ireland or the EU
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