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Medium 12c51be0d37972c34271e128b771aa4e
Official NASA "Journey to Mars" posters promoting careers on Mars.
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Saw one of these on the wall in my new office. Super awesome!
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Small 12c51be0d37972c34271e128b771aa4e
would love for one of these
Small 73d26d97c1b4d95c87f08d88faa75c9d
I printed out some of the spacex ones for my wall
Small 2b1fa89b5d4b1b652d37cf0fecf4ccbf
Sign me the fuck up. I'll totally go to Mars.
Small 2b1fa89b5d4b1b652d37cf0fecf4ccbf
Prob have better 3G too.
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