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Medium 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
Hype SNES classic announced, hopefully stock this time around 😂 (edited)
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Small a196c68f2fad7dbc81b100d127b5cadc
Day one purchase, awwww yeah
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Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
Yeah number 1 game of all time made the list so I'm in (secret of mana)
Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
Preorders just went live at EBs
Small 0d5cd15f98f3c4dbbef74bad0871b830
I have one Preorderd.
Small a196c68f2fad7dbc81b100d127b5cadc
You're a legend, thanks for the heads up, preordered!
Small 8b937608c49c9df79a22944d36b702f7
I want it just for Super Mario RPG
Small 5a9e0aa09f2eaba5606b1e1b04c5254e
I expect game time at some point @jpressy. I'm pretty sure @AngryGoatBonr still has a snes with a collection of games around the place as well.
Small 4ee1b7ecff802bd2db9c1b473407acf2
@blaknite fuck yes and @Hell_Rok brings his and we have multiple TV's going!
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