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Get your build on - Garry's Mod sandbox is back»

Once again we've gone full-circle and launched a new Garry's Mod sandbox server. Just like in the past we aim to be Australia's best build and Armoured Combat Framework server. We've all of the tools you've come to expect from our servers including precision building tools and simple necessities like ball-socket/axis centre, parenting tools among others.

Tags: gmod, lanbox

Loot 2.0 is the motivation Diablo 3 was lacking»

When Diablo 3 launched nearly 2 years ago, along with more hype than I have ever seen, it was received with a great mix of reactions; sadly, for some players it just wasn't Diablo enough. I had personally spent many, many hours dungeon diving my way through Diablo 2, even in recent years with the newer patches and high-resolution mods. Sadly, while Diablo 3 had a semi-engaging story, it didn't contain the same replay value of Diablo 2; it didn't have the carrot on the stick that it needed to keep me engaged. Enter the Reaper of Souls pre-patch and Loot 2.0.

Tags: diablo, rpg, patch

Triple Threat - Our last Arma Event»

While The LANBox and Arma might be parting ways we've still got a couple of things in the pipeline before we're done. One of those is the latest event by JohnnyShootos called Triple Threat. At 5:00PM AEDT this coming Saturday you can team up with 22 players for a PvE scenario that is sure to test your skills. Read on for the back-story and other details.

Tags: lanbox, arma, event

The LANBox Arma is Becoming allFPS»

It has been a while coming but it's time for The LANBox and its Arma community to go separate ways. Our ideals and aspirations no longer align so it's in the best interest of both sides that we allow each other to pursue our goals in the best way we see fit. So on behalf of the Arma Team here at The LANBox I'd like to announce allFPS, a new purely FPS centered gaming community.

Tags: lanbox, arma

EVENT: Al-Fallujah Episode 2: The Airfield»

The first part of the Al-Fallujah missions was a hit so Atreus and JohnnyShootos are back with another installment with a bit of a PvP twist. In Episode 2 two teams will face off for control of the local airfield. The event is booked in for the 2nd of February and will kick off at 7:00PM Sydney time. Read on for the full back story and technical information.

Tags: arma, event, lanbox

Post Mission Report: Al-Fallujah Episode 1: Rescue»

On January 18th an event was planned for members of The LANBox to take part in a mission created by Atreus and JohnnyShootos. We came, we saw, we experienced technical difficulties and I screamed a lot in the process. Have a read of the mission and tell me what you think!

Tags: arma, event, lanbox

What to expect from DayZ stand-alone»

As most of us know by now, Dean “Rocket” Hall and Bohemia Interactive have finally released the alpha for the the long awaited “DayZ” stand-alone game. One of the biggest questions that needs answering is what you can expect from the stand-alone game versus the mod. We answer that very question after the jump.

Tags: dayz, arma

Arma 3 - Analysing Ammunition Performance»

Arma 3 has to have the most in depth bullet system in any game so far. Ballistic trajectories, ricochets, and even penetration is modelled with a healthy amount of attention to detail. So what's the difference between the three main rifle rounds? The 5.56, 6.5, and the 7.62mm rounds all have their own characteristics; read on to find out what they are.

Tags: arma, tutorial

BlizzCon 2013 - Heroes of the Storm»

This year at BlizzCon, Blizzard has really fleshed out the details for their upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm; a game originally announced as a Starcraft II custom map called "Blizzard DOTA." Heroes of the Storm has undergone a large swathe of changes and iterations over the years since BlizzCon 2010 right up until the current alpha version that was on show and playable this year. The game itself is looking to be extremely polished for an alpha, and it wouldn't be at all surprising to see a closed beta in the near future. Follow on through to read some of the key points from BlizzCon 2013 and watch some Heroes of the Storm videos.

Tags: blizzcon 2013, heroes of the storm, moba, starcraft 2

BlizzCon 2013 - Warlords of Draenor Announced»

Here we are again folks! Another BlizzCon, another World of Warcraft expansion has been announced. Warlords of Draenor is the next installment in Blizzard Entertainment's biggest game universe. A whole bunch of new features for the game are being announced and discussed over these two days at BlizzCon and more news will be following this post, including news about Blizzards other franchises Starcraft and Diablo, and their two as of yet unreleased games Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Click through to see the reveal trailer and Blizzard's official announcement for Warlords of Draenor!

Tags: wow, expansion, blizzcon 2013, warlords of draenor

Careering towards the Mun - A KSP 0.22 Space Race»

At The LANBox we recognise the fact there's no better way to kick-start your career in space exploration and Kerbonaut euthanasia than a good ol' fashioned race to the Mun; that's why we're hosting one this coming Friday the 25th October. Put your science where your mouth is and see if you have what it takes to be our career mode champion. Click through for entry information.

Tags: ksp, space, challenge

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