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Medium 28360ca162ebd42389f0fc71277594d9
anyone played/seen this?
5 replies
Small d30a522832c8751308777a7466e23536
Ok that is fucking awesome... I definitely don't have the skill to play it but I will definitely be watching Let's Plays of that game.... hooolllyyyy
Small ede079bb4de5acb4972b5183c25aa01d
Hrm... Early Access... I promised myself never-again.
Small 28360ca162ebd42389f0fc71277594d9
Me too but...... I am very tempted.
Small ede079bb4de5acb4972b5183c25aa01d
Well, if you get it... Lemme know how it is. Though I have far too many games I need to play that I havent yet, and don't have the time to xD
Small ede079bb4de5acb4972b5183c25aa01d
Like Pillars of Eternity, I have it, I backed the kickstarter for the boardgame, and.... still have barely played any of PoE xD
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